ここは神戸大学 工学部市民工学科・海岸海洋研究グループのwebサイトです.我々は海岸工学および沿岸海洋物理学の研究を行っています.


Welcome to our group web site. We are CORG -- Coastal and Oceanic Research Group -- in Dept. Civil Engineering, Kobe University. The current on-going projects include:

  1. mesoscale/submesoscale coastal and oceanic dynamics,
  2. wave-current interaction with a vortex-force formalism,
  3. realization of the dynamics of Kuroshio and its branches,
  4. estuarine circulations,
  5. oceanic material dispersion (sewage, radioactive tracers, larvae,..),
  6. nearshore littoral processes and sediment transport,

exploiting a state-of-the-art regional oceanic circulation model (ROMS) along with satellite and in-situ measurements in collaboration with colleagues at UCLA (USA), JAMSTEC, OIST, CRIEPI, Kyoto Univ./DPRI, Tokyo Univ. Marine Sci. & Tech., JAEA, Scripps Inst. Oceanography (USA), UCSB (USA), IRD-LEGOS (France), Hokkaido Univ., Univ. of Tokyo, Ibaraki Univ., Kobe Gakuin Univ., Ehime Univ. CMES, Ritsumeikan Univ., NASA-JPL (USA), Clarkson Univ./Beacon Inst. (USA), etc. The study areas are the western Pacific marginal seas near Japan (Kuroshio Extension, NE Pacific coast, Okinawan Islands, Sea of Japan), U.S. West Coast (WA/OR/CA, USA), Seto Inland Sea (Japan), Southern California Bight (CA, USA), Hudson River estuary (NY/NJ, USA), Duck (NC, USA), and more. Our goal is to deepen scientific and engineering understanding of the coastal and oceanic system.

We are seeking for enthusiastic international and domestic students and scientists (e.g., JSPS postdoctral fellows, scholars on sabbatical, ...) working jointly with us. Successful students should be at Kobe University with a strong background of coastal engineering, (geophysical) fluid mechanics, physical oceanography, or related subjects.


新着情報 / Highlights



  • セッションタイトル:サブメソ・メソスケール変動
  • コンビーナー:升本順夫(東大院理/JAMSTEC)・佐々木英治(JAMSTEC)・内山雄介(神戸大)・伊藤大樹(東北大院理)・山上遥航(東大院理)


  • Kamidaira, Y., Kawamura, H., Kobayashi, T. and Uchiyama, Y. (2016): Surface mixing and dispersion of radioactive tracer due to submesoscale eddies off the northeastern Pacific coast of Japan.
  • Kosako, T., Uchiyama, Y. and Mitarai, S.: Seasonal and inter-annual variability of larval dispersal and ambient currents in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan.
  • Kurosawa, K., Uchiyama, Y.,Kosako, T. and Tada, H.: Utilizing a regional ocean model for weather routing for optimal vessel navigation.
  • Odani, S., Uchiyama, Y., Yamanishi, T., Kamidaira,Y. and Mitarai, S.: Asymmetric oceanic responses around Okinawa Island in the East China Sea.
  • Suzue, Y., Uchiyama, Y. and Yamazaki, H.: Influences of meso- and submeso-scale oceanic variability on the primary production in the Kuroshio region off Japan.
  • Tada, H. and Uchiyama, Y.: Impacts of typhoons on upper-ocean mixing and the Kuroshio in the northwestern Pacific Ocean.
  • Uchiyama, Y., Yoshiki, T.,Tada, H., Baba, Y., Mizutani, H., Kubo, T., Mori, N., Saruwatari, A., Otsuka, J., Ninomiya, J., Watanabe, Y. and Yamada, T.: Upper ocean dynamics and associated water exchange at the entrance of a semi-enclosed bay based on an in-situ ADCP measurement.
  • Zhang, X., Uchiyama, Y. and Suzue, Y.: Modeling coastal dispersal of wastewater effluent from multiple sources in the Seto Inland Sea.
  • AOGS2016 web site


  • OS17: Regional and Coastal Ocean Modeling and Observations
  • Conveners: Changming Dong (Nanjing Univ. of Info. Sci. & Tech., China), Chunyan Li (Louisiana State Univ., USA), Yusuke Uchiyama (Kobe Univ., Japan), Jiayi Pan (Chinese Univ. Hong kong, HK) and Hui Wu (East China Normal Univ., China)
  • AOGS2016 web site



International Workshop on Regional Oceanic Modelling and Observation@南京にて招待講演を行います(5/30-31/2016)

  • Uchiyama, Y. (2016): Wave-current interaction in coastal and shelf seas. (invited)
  • Organized by Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing, China.

JpGU Meeting 2016@千葉幕張にて講演します(5/22-26/2016)







  • 東晃平君,岡田信瑛さんが新B4として内山研に配属されました.
  • 自己紹介はこちら(Members).

 過去の新着情報 / Past Highlights

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