ここは神戸大学 工学部市民工学科・海岸海洋研究グループのwebサイトです.我々は海岸工学および沿岸海洋物理学の研究を行っています.


Welcome to our group web site. We are CORG -- Coastal and Oceanic Research Group -- in Dept. Civil Engineering, Kobe University. The current on-going projects include:

  1. mesoscale/submesoscale coastal and oceanic dynamics,
  2. wave-current interaction with a vortex-force formalism,
  3. realization of the dynamics of Kuroshio and its branches,
  4. estuarine circulations,
  5. oceanic material dispersion (sewage, radioactive tracers, larvae,..),
  6. nearshore littoral processes and sediment transport,

exploiting a state-of-the-art regional oceanic circulation model (ROMS) along with satellite and in-situ measurements in collaboration with colleagues at UCLA (USA), JAMSTEC, OIST, CRIEPI, Kyoto Univ./DPRI, Tokyo Univ. Marine Sci. & Tech., JAEA, Scripps Inst. Oceanography (USA), UCSB (USA), IRD-LEGOS (France), Hokkaido Univ., Univ. of Tokyo, Ibaraki Univ., Kobe Gakuin Univ., Ehime Univ. CMES, Ritsumeikan Univ., NASA-JPL (USA), Clarkson Univ./Beacon Inst. (USA), etc. The study areas are the western Pacific marginal seas near Japan (Kuroshio Extension, NE Pacific coast, Okinawan Islands, Sea of Japan), U.S. West Coast (WA/OR/CA, USA), Seto Inland Sea (Japan), Southern California Bight (CA, USA), Hudson River estuary (NY/NJ, USA), Duck (NC, USA), and more. Our goal is to deepen scientific and engineering understanding of the coastal and oceanic system.

We are seeking for enthusiastic international and domestic students and scientists (e.g., JSPS postdoctral fellows, scholars on sabbatical, ...) working jointly with us. Successful students should be at Kobe University with a strong background of coastal engineering, (geophysical) fluid mechanics, physical oceanography, or related subjects.


新着情報 / Highlights



  • OS02: Regional Oceanic Numerical Modeling and Observations
  • Conveners: Changming Dong (NUIST, China), Leo Oey (National Central University, Taiwan), Yusuke Uchiyama (Kobe University, Japan), Jae-Hak Lee (KORDI, South Korea)

ISGST2017@UTAR, MalaysiaにてKeynote Lectureを行います(1/10-13/2017)

  • Uchiyama, Y. (2017): Evolution of high-resolution regional ocean modeling: applications to waste water and larval dispersal in an estuary, 2nd International Symposium on Green and Sustainable Technology (ISGST2017), Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar, Malaysia, 10-13 Jan. 2017. (invited)
  • 神戸大名誉教授・中山昭彦先生が勤務されている大学(UTAR)にて開催されます.
  • Symposium brochure

AGU Fall Meeting 2016@San Franciscoにて講演を行います(12/12-16/2016)

  • Kurosawa, K. and Uchiyama, Y. (2016): Development of a three-dimensional variational data assimilation system for the Seto Island Sea, Japan.
  • Odani, S., Uchiyama, Y., Kashima, M., Kamidaira, Y. and Mitarai, S. (2016): Quantifying coastal connectivity of coral spawn and larvae around Ryukyu Islands in the East China Sea.
  • Uchiyama, Y., Yamanishi, T., Iwasaki, T., Shimizu, Y., Tsumune, D., Misumi, K. and Onda, Y. (2016): Modeling nearshore dispersal of river-derived multi-class suspended sediments and radionuclides during a flood event around the mouth of Niida River, Fukushima, Japan.
  • Zhang, X., Uchiyama, Y. and Suzue, Y. (2016): Impact of a diversion of sewage effluent on a seaweed farm in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan.
  • Fall Meeting 2016 web site

International workshop on field measurements in fluvial and coastal areas and the utilization of the observed data@京大防災研(白浜)にてKeynote Lectureを行います(11/22/2016)



  • 内山雄介:半閉鎖性海域湾口部における成層期および成層崩壊期の流動構造と海水交換について
  • 小谷瑳千花:黒潮暖水波及に伴う沖縄本島周辺海域における非対称海洋構造の形成機構
  • 上平雄基:福島県沖海域を対象とした海洋拡散予測システムの開発と検証
  • 黒澤賢太:グラフ理論とコンパクト海洋モデルを用いた最適航路選定法の開発
  • 小硲大地:ロバストな幼稚仔海洋分散評価に向けた Lagrange 粒子追跡モデルの感度解析
  • 小硲大地:長期高解像度再解析に基づく瀬戸内海内部流動と幼稚仔分散過程の形成メカニズムに関する研究
  • 鈴江洋太:ROMS-NPZD モデルを用いた黒潮域における中規模海洋変動と低次生産の解析
  • 多田拓晃:四国・紀伊半島沖における台風通過に伴う黒潮の流動構造変化について
  • 山西琢文:出水イベントに伴う福島新田川河口周辺海域における懸濁態放射性核種の海洋分散について




  • セッションタイトル:サブメソ・メソスケール変動
  • コンビーナー:升本順夫(東大院理/JAMSTEC)・佐々木英治(JAMSTEC)・内山雄介(神戸大)・伊藤大樹(東北大院理)・山上遥航(東大院理)
  • 2016年度秋季大会web site
  • セッションリスト


  • 神戸大学工学部平成27年度優秀教育賞(市民工学科)を受賞しました.
  • 今回は主にB1科目「地球環境論」の授業評価結果が評価されました.




  • OS17: Regional and Coastal Ocean Modeling and Observations
  • Conveners: Changming Dong (Nanjing Univ. of Info. Sci. & Tech., China), Chunyan Li (Louisiana State Univ., USA), Yusuke Uchiyama (Kobe Univ., Japan), Jiayi Pan (Chinese Univ. Hong kong, HK) and Hui Wu (East China Normal Univ., China)
  • AOGS2016 web site


  • 大学構内停電のためサーバーを停止します.
  • 6/20復旧しました.

Ocean Modelling 2015 Impact Factor = 3.337(6/15/2016)

  • 内山教授がeditorial boardを務める国際ジャーナル「Ocean Modelling」の2015年版 Impact Factor が 3.337(2014は2.927)と認定されました.
  • Ocean Modelling / Editorial Board





International Workshop on Regional Oceanic Modelling and Observation@南京にて招待講演を行います(5/30-31/2016)

  • Uchiyama, Y. (2016): Wave-current interaction in coastal and shelf seas. (invited)
  • Organized by Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing, China.

JpGU Meeting 2016@千葉幕張にて講演します(5/22-26/2016)







  • 東晃平君,岡田信瑛さんが新B4として内山研に配属されました.
  • 自己紹介はこちら(Members).

 過去の新着情報 / Past Highlights

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